Who we are

FRT is an insurance broker that has been operating in Italy under its current corporate structure since 1992. It is comprised of a team born out of the initiative and foresight of a group of professional insurers that expanded and build on their activities over the years until they created one of the most important and esteemed companies on the Italian insurance brokerage market. We work with leading insurance companies and with the highest-qualified reinsurance brokers operating on the domestic and international markets. Our company is one of the few organisations on the Italian market that is completely independent of the control or influence of multinationals, banking, insurance, industrial and financial groups.

Our Partner:

Giancarlo Fontana-Rava

Professional insurer since 1965

Stefano Toscano

Professional insurer since 1983

Edoardo Poss

Professional insurer since 1988

Paolo Vigo

Professional insurer since 1989

Nicolò Fontana-Rava

Professional insurer since 1995

Account managers:


Raoul Carta (Professional insurer since 1987)


Marta Cattaneo (Professional insurer since 2014)


Nicola Paglialunga (Professional insurer since 2009)


Fabio Verardo (Professional insurer since 2009)

A team of professionals always at your service.

A team of professionals, specialized in technical, legal and insurance market aspects, works alongside our partners and account managers.  They provide the necessary support in managing contracts, claims, administration with insurance providers and technical consultants. This setup allows us to provide our clients with a dedicated account team, completely informed and easily accessible, and, at the same time, to guarantee the level of specialization required to master multiple and complex skills. All of our employees and team members are professionals registered with the “Registro Unico degli Intermediari” (the Italian intermediaries register), and attend continuous professional training programs to ensure that they are up to date in their areas of expertise.